Posted by Christina on Jun 10, 2010

A few days ago I was in Friday's for lunch when someone in the restaurant yelled help, does anyone know the Heimlich? What if this was someone you knew, your child would you know how to respond? 


  1. Ask "Are you choking?" If yes, ask: "Can you speak?" If no, CALL 911
  2. Kneel or  stand behind the child, wrapping your arms around the child.
  3. Make a fist with one hand; hold it with the other hand against the center of the child's abdomen, between the navel and ribs.
  4. Provide abdominal thrusts (Heimlich maneuver) until the object is expelled or the child becomes unresponsive.
  5. If the child becomes unresponsive, begin CPR. Each time you open the airway, look for a foreign object (remove it if seen). Continue rescue breaths and chest compressions. (PRIOR CPR TRAINING IS RECOMMENDED).

Parents may want to take a CPR class to learn more about these skills and basic life support.

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