It's that time of year again!  Donations for the Dutchess County Heart Walk for the American Heart Association are welcome and can be done via this website.  So far I have collected $330.  I'm looking for at least $1000, Please join the fight against heart disease; make a donation.  Thank You! I'm also looking for a company who will match donations any suggestions?

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  1. I just made a donation. We had a scare this past week with our oledst daughter who is just 26. She woke up early one morning last week feeling really weird. Went to the doctor the next day and they did an EKG which showed an irregular heartbeat. They put a holster monitor on her for the first three days of this week and it came out normal but her bloodwork showed low glucose so we are hoping that is all it was. She is feeling better and we are so relieved but she has to go back to the doctor in three weeks. She just graduated from lawschool and has been married for two years and is wanting to have a baby. We are hoping all will be well with her but we need more research done for women's hearts.

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